Fiber Telecom wholesale IP Transit

We at Fiber Telecom are strongly committed to deliver true carrier class IP transit wholesale services.  Our customers benefits from IP transit services designed to provide best in class internet connection that stand out for reliability, security and quality.

All the services are designed and managed by the Fiber Telecom NOC team lead by Marco Paesani.

Reliable. Multiple PoPs, multiple DWDM transport paths, multiple Tier I upstream providers, multiple internet exchange points, allow us to give virtually unstoppable network gateways and routes closest to contents requested by the users.

Secure. Our IP Transit services already runs dual RPKI validator servers that deliver only secure BGP routes to our customers. We’re also working on – an entirely new – self service anti DDoS tool that will help our customers to defend itself from the network attacks.

Quality. Our network is natively dual stack IPv4 and IPv6, runs 9k jumbo frames and is powered by carrier grade redundant Juniper MX series routers. The upstream providers we choices are four of the most important world’s players. Our transit partners are CenturyLink, Telia Carrier, GTT and TI Sparkle. The network is also connected to the Italy’s most important internet exchange: MIX, NaMeX, DE-CIX, Equinix and MiNAP.

As you can see itself, the service have in bundle, from only one supplier, all the features and services that you’ll can ever desire for build on it your business – today – and tomorrow.

Contact now our sales team lead by Massimiliano Lauricella, probably you will be surprised to discover how affordable is the top quality wholesale IP transit service available in the market.

Fiber Telecom: when everything is connected everything is possible!

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