About Us

Fiber Telecom is a wholesale network operator that offers advanced telecommunication services for Internet and Cloud Service Providers.

The main goal we pursue is to offer the state of the art in the quality of our network services, making them approachable to all operators who choose to become our customers.

Our main commitment is to offer to service providers a set of totally integrated services and technologies with the simplicity of a single supplier, so they obtain additional resources that can be used for developing and retaining its customer base.

Our technical staff every day, seeks, designs and implements the most advanced network solutions. We offer an integration of the best technologies available to provide the most reliable and performing network services to our customers.

Our network solutions are the results of the integration of products and services offered by a lot of partners: IP transit providers, Internet exchange points, content providers, data center facilities, transport, access and mobile network operators. All of them, suitably configured and managed by our experts, contribute to achieve the extraordinary quality of our wholesale network services.

Every single component, every single detail, is chosen accordingly to quality and reliability. No choices are based on the lowest price. Like our services, we do not accept compromise on quality, we ask to our suppliers, and we offer to our customers, always and exclusively the highest quality, reliability and performance.

Last but not least we are proud of our support service. All NOC's staff work hard 24x7, with competence and dedication, to offer what is probably the best technical support service available on the market today by a wholesale network operator.

Fiber Telecom is the trusted wholesale network partner to make decision with for Carriers, ISPs, WISPs and Cloud service providers.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin