Virtual PoP

Fiber Telecom enables on-demand Virtual PoP providing carrier-grade virtual routers and switches to our customers, allowing them to increase their on-net coverage without the need to invest in their own infrastructure and with the right time-to-market.

Provisioning time and transport costs to get to the carrier's backbone are too high. Adding new PoPs usually takes too long and is too expensive.

With Fiber Telecom Virtual POP, you can connect to your customer from/at any Fiber Telecom PoP, without needing to build up your own PoP.

Benefits of using the Fiber Telecom Virtual POP service instead of building your own PoP

  • Virtualize edge and colocation
  • Decrease provisioning time
  • Minimize unused capacity transport
  • Optimize CAPEX/OPEX

With Fiber Telecom Virtual POP Services, customers have the full control of the infrastructure and they can use it and setup as many Virtual PoP connections as they need.

With its extensive infrastructure in metro regions like Palermo, Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, Fiber Telecom is the perfect partner for service providers to extend their backbone.

Virtual PoP services are available in all Fiber Telecom’s PoPs

Fiber Telecom's Virtual PoP Service enable fast network expansion by connecting operators where and when needed removing the need to setup extra infrastructure.