Multi Tier-1 IP Transit Suite

Fiber Telecom Multi Tier-1 IP Transit Suite deliver true carrier-class wholesale internet connection

Fiber Telecom’s customers can benefit from the IP Transit services designed to provide best in class internet connection that stands out for quality, reliability and security.

The service has in bundle, from only one supplier, all the features and services that you could ever desire to build on it your own business, today and tomorrow.

Multi Tier-1 IP Transit Suite service is available in all Fiber Telecom’s PoPs


  • Not affected by the peering-war between Tier-1
  • More routes than just one Tier-1
  • Traffic is always routed to the shortest and/or more efficient path
  • Multiple alternative paths to a single destination
  • Market leading IP Transit Service with the lowest latency routes
  • Full routing table validated through RPKI
  • Real time service activation
  • Multiple ports with aggregated bandwidth commitment
  • Flat rate or burstable rate, from 1 Gbps up to n* 10 Gbps
  • Fast and flexible upgrade options

Some providers route on price.
Fiber Telecom always routes on quality!