Capacity Transport

Fiber Telecom offers the broadest array of capacity transport services that you will find anywhere in the market.

We offer the great advantage over working with each single network carrier directly so we can combine for you a truly integrated solution from multiple carriers into a bundled service with a single point of contact.

Fiber Telecom Capacity Transport is a carrier-class service based on a layer 1 optical transport network using wavelengths on DWDM transmission equipments delivered on1 GbE, 10 GbE and 100 GbE ports. This is a point-to-point high-bandwidth service between two nodes for any customer that requires guaranteed bandwidth with as less as possible latency, packet loss and jitter values. Our capacity transport services are provided over OTN of the Fiber Telecom’s carrier partners. Scalable bandwidths, different paths and protection options, together combined with the latest generation optical transmission equipments, ensure that our customers get all the necessary performance to transport their data between core and remote sites with the maximum efficiency.

Best by Design

Fiber Telecom provides unmatched expertise in the design, project management, deployment, and ongoing support of network services. From high-bandwidth solutions among locations within a metro area to SD-WAN and everything in between, our design engineers have done it all at state-of-the-art network architecture.

Carriers infrastructure integration

We bond many fiber optic network infrastructures together to give to our customers the best solution for the demanding high-capacity transport needs. We always choose the optical transport network infrastructure closest to the customer's site for drastically reduce costs and delivery time.

Unparallel reliability

The Fiber Telecom's backbone architecture make our transport solutions more robust and inherently more reliable. Shorter connections are less likely to be affected by breakdowns or fiber cut and national transport backbones, being totally redundant, guarantee an absolute resilience with virtually zero down time.

Fiber Telecom's Capacity Transport Services are the solution to the growing bandwidth demand combined with the lowest latency needs.