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Real Time DDoS Mitigation Activity


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Fiber Telecom enables Customers to protect their networks with a really simple, powerful and cost-effective Anti DDoS protection and with the ability to quickly add DDoS protection on demand to the new customers.

Fiber Telecom Anti DDoS Services are delivered through the worlds most advanced scrubbing centers.


Fiber Telecom Anti DDoS Services are the most efficient and simple way for an Internet or Cloud Service Provider to protect its network against volumetric or application specific DDoS attacks.

Fiber Telecom's Anti DDoS Service enable fast and effective protection against DDoS attacks with a very low latency delays during traffic processing.

Anti DDoS logic diagram


Distributed and intelligent protection against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Internet traffic flows unfiltered unless an attack is automatically detected.

The ISP will use it as primary upstream during DDoS attacks for the Inbound traffic that flows towards the subnets that he wants to protect.

If a Customer opts for the on-demand protection, Fiber Telecom offers 24/7 support and detects and acts automatically in the event of an attack.


With Fiber Telecom Anti DDoS Services, Customers have

  • unlimited traffic volume and attack numbers covered by service
  • unlimited numbers of subnets, websites and services under protection
  • ultra convenient flat rate service fee

The Customers have to choose only the amount of inbound (clean) data traffic that would delivered from the scrubbing justify.

With its extensive infrastructure in metro regions like Palermo, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, Fiber Telecom is the perfect partner for ISPs (Layer-3) and Cloud service providers (up to Layer-7) for protect their networks and servers against sophisticated cyber attacks and security threats.

Fiber Telecom has the necessary edge capacity able to protect the customers against attacks designed to flood their network capacity.

Anti DDoS services are available in all Fiber Telecom’s PoPs