Social Commitment

Fiber Telecom's business is basically about people, our employees, our partners, our customers, all are people we respect.

We acknowledge and profoundly regret colour, racial, ethnicity, religion, national, social, disability, gender and sex related intolerance or discrimination. Discrimination and intolerance related to political, ideas or opinions are also deeply deplored. We recognize cultural differences, support integration and inclusion values.

We recognize that environmental conservation is critical for creating a sustainable society and an integral part of our activities. We strive to minimize negative environmental effects to provide services that are eco-friendly which ensure that the entire organization respects the environment.

We are aware that a company has responsibilities towards the community, Fiber Telecom's social commitment uses the same spirit in the same way we deploy our services, inspired by the same values and principles.

We actively support the humanitarian activities carried out with passion by all the volunteers of Unicef, Emergency and UNHCR to whom we give our modest contribution.

“We can’t just continue living as if there was no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow.”

Greta Thunberg