Remote Peering

Remote Peering Service enables customers to use Fiber Telecom’s infrastructure and port capacity to access multiple Internet eXchanges points.

With Fiber Telecom's remote peering services your network can exchange traffic with geographically different peers by being connected to a peering platform remotely from any Fiber Telecom’s PoPs.

Fiber Telecom easily allows access to the Italian largest and most popular Internet eXchanges with 1GbE and 10GbE Ports.

MIX Milan, NaMeX Rome, DE-CIX Palermo, MIX Carini, DE-CIX Frankfurt and AMS-IX Amsterdam

Fiber Telecom offers administrative services for membership applications to each of the Internet eXchange to build on it your own business, today and tomorrow.

Remote Peering Services are available in all Fiber Telecom’s PoPs

  1. - No hardware
  2. - No colocation
  3. - Single port for multiple peering points
  4. - Single contract
  5. - Single helpdesk
  6. - Real time service activation

Fiber Telecom's Remote Peering Service enable near-instant network expansion by connecting operators to one or more peering points virtually removing the need to setup extra infrastructure.